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Trailblazers and New Paths
While researching for Social Media At Work, we talked to hundreds of "trailblazers" - people like you and us who are exploring how social media can improve their organizations.  Here are just a couple of the Trailblazers you'll find in the book.

British Telecom
With their wiki, BTPedia, News 2.0 online newspaper, Podcast Central and Blog Central, BT has created a network of collaboration and knowledge sharing tools for employees.

Intel Corporation
 Intel believes that trust  and agility are key in engineering productivity.  Their central portal enables access to all blogs, wikis, and discussion forums, providing a one stop shop for teams to build virtual relationships and share the information they need.

Talent development is a central part of Humana's success.  Their social networking tools enable leaders to gain the insights of their colleagues.  Rather than receiving just information, employees natually add the context needed to turn data into wisdom.

Leaders are talking...
"Jue, Alcalde Marr, and Kassotakis transform a murky mystery into practical tools we can all use.  All readers will come away with ideas for using social media to improve their organization." 
Jack Zenger, CEO, Zenger Folkman and coauthor,
The Inspiring Leader

"If your organization is still stuck in traditional modes of thinking, this book can help you gain new perspectives and spark new ideas for propelling your organization forward."
Tony Hsieh, CEO,

"All business leaders need to be aware that social media technologies have the capacity to fundamentally reshape the way work gets done and sustainable advantage is obtained.  This book shines a bright light on leading practices and provides wonderful insights into developing your own approach."
Alan Matcham, Associate, Management Innovation Laboratory, London Business School

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